Strassman Dental Services

Strassman Dental Services is a trustworthy name in the field of dentistry located in Allentown within the area of Philadelphia. The dental clinic of our client is equipped with state of art dental facilities, with the help of which the qualified dentists of the clinic offers a wide range of dental services.

As dental services are one of the most in-demand services but still due to the sensitive nature of the job people feel reluctant to try new dental clinics and find it difficult to locate the ones that are trusted. In order to reach such potential clients, the Strassman Dental Services set up a task for us, where they required a website developed to not only acknowledge their presence online and in the local market but they are also intended to give awareness to people regarding their services.

Our dedicated team of designers and developers at FK Designz offers the solution to accommodate all the business requirements of our client in form of an optimized website for the local business market. The whole website was carefully devised and deployed with standards of optimization, especially for the search engine. In order to get ranked in the local business market, the website was also optimized for content and local searches.

  • Website Design 100%
  • Increase in Traffic 70%
  • Customer turnover 85%
  • Recommended 100%

Dentistry is a serious business and we were looking for a website that conveys our professionalism and expertise to our clients. The website development team at FK Designz has understood our need and gives our business a boost we were looking for. Their developed website has played an important role in the amplification of our credibility in the industry.

CEO, Strassman Dental Services

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